GLAM Digital Preservation Strategy 2018-2021

The Digital Preservation Strategy will prepare institutions to achieve the goals which were first set out in the GLAM Digital Strategy. The overarching aim of the Digital Preservation Strategy is therefore to:


"Build the foundation required to preserve digital collections across GLAM, for the benefit of current and future generations."


GLAM will achieve this by focusing on four strategic areas:

By enhancing its capacity in each, GLAM will build the foundation required to undertake digital preservation. Each of the four areas are recognized as being of equal importance to ensure that future digital preservation activities are successful and sustainable.

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The GLAM Digital Preservation Strategy outlines GLAM’s approach to enhancing its digital preservation capabilities in line with international best practice. It supports the vision of the GLAM Digital Strategy, by providing further detail on how the digital preservation objective will be met.

The strategy was developed during a GLAM digital preservation scoping project, in consultation with GLAM staff who create and maintain digital collections. It was approved by the Digital Strategy Programme Board in May 2018.

The strategy will be implemented during 2018-2021 via local implementation plans, as well as targeted projects supported through the IT Capital Plan. Implementation of the strategy will be overseen by the GLAM Digital Strategy Implementation Programme board.