Bespoke events/activities

Oxford University Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) are keen to explore new types of engagement activity with researchers. Their public engagement teams develop and facilitate additional bespoke public engagement with research (PER) events and activities alongside their regular programming. 

Events and activities can take place in GLAM venues or out and about in the community, depending on what is planned and with whom. There is also scope for cross-collection PER events and activities that span more than one GLAM institution.

Costs and timeframes are variable and depend on the scope of researchers’ ambition. 

GLAM institutions are always open to new ideas and are keen to help researchers to develop and facilitate proposals. Contact the relevant teams to discuss ideas.

Please be aware that GLAM venues have full and busy programmes and it may not be possible to pick up activities that have already been fully developed or to deal with urgent requests. Ideally, activities should be co-created with GLAM from project conception and researchers should get in contact early so that we can work together to develop your ideas. Please note that while researchers may contact GLAM departments directly they are also encouraged to contact departmental/Divisional PER facilitators for interim support/guidance.

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(Please note that opportunities are subject to change)


Ashmolean Museum

Example: Remembering the Romans

Further examples/information: Ashmolean Museum events webpage

Ashmolean PER projects are currently being updated. Examples and opportunities are subject to change.

Contact: PER Coordinator, Hannah Eastham (


Bodleian Libraries

Example: Printing Luther’s theses and teaching letterpress (with Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages)

Further examples/information: Bodleian Libraries exhibitions and events webpage

Contact: Public Engagement team (


History of Science Museum

Example: Heritage Heads project programming (with School of Geography and the Environment & Bodleian Libraries)

Further examples/information: History of Science Museum what’s on webpage

Contact: Public engagement office (


Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum

Example: 400th Anniversary Finale Week, featuring researchers, musicians and more

Further examples/information: Oxford Botanic Garden what’s on webpage

Contact: Deputy Director and Head of Science, Dr Chris Thorogood (


Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Example: Specimen Standoff

Further examples/information: Museum of Natural History events webpage

Contact: Exhibitions team (


Pitt Rivers Museum

Example: Activating the Archive event at Oxford City Farm

Further examples/information: Pitt Rivers Museum events webpage

Contact: Head of Public Engagement, Andy McLellan (