Public engagement with research

The expert public engagement teams of Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) work with researchers from within the University and beyond on public engagement with research (PER) activities in our spaces and using our collections. These activities include talks and debates, trails and tours, digital engagement and more. 

Pre-Covid, in 2019 GLAM venues welcomed over 3.3million visitors and visitor numbers are climbing once again as the world emerges from the pandemic.

GLAM can work with researchers to:

  • advise on the development of workshops and other engagement opportunities tailored to specific audiences, stakeholders and partners
  • organise and host events in GLAM’s inspiring spaces
  • develop exhibitions and displays that share and showcase research

Exhibitions, events, debates and wider public engagement programmes are extremely effective at engaging public audiences with research. GLAM staff are skilled in communicating with non-specialist audiences, evaluating engagement and demonstrating impact.

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For further information, contact the individual GLAM institutions or email GLAM's Head of Research and Impact Management, Dr Harriet Warburton.

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GLAM PER Toolkit

The Oxford University Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) public engagement with research (PER) Toolkit (‘GLAM PER Toolkit’) has been developed for researchers who would like to work with GLAM’s collections and in our spaces and contains a getting started section as well as opportunities for researchers for PER with GLAM. Please get in touch at the start of your planning process so that ideas can be discussed, developed and factored into funding applications

New to public engagement with research? The ‘Getting started’ section below is a good place to start to help researchers think about and plan their PER activities. A list of opportunities that are particularly suited to those just starting out can be found in New to PER? in the Toolkit.

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(Please note that opportunities are subject to change)